These conversations come up quite a bit for my partner and I. Especially as we consider staying in another country and possibly having a child outside the US.

The real problem with all of these things Vena mentioned is the fact she has to consider them at all. It's exhausting to wonder how you'll be treated or if you'll be searched. It's awful having to think if the bad thing happened was because of your race or not. Many times you might not be sure, but you will spend a great many brain cells thinking about it. That kind of constant stress is its own very unique pain. And I'm sure anyone that felt Vena was being overbearing or inaccurate probably considered that fact.

They also probably recognize that they've never really stayed at a Black owned hotel and frequented a black owned business in a black part of town in a black country or traveled through a fancy gated community of black homeowners. So with that in mind it's likely they might not fully get it, but I'm sure they're protests are in the goodest of faiths.



Copywriter, songwriter, and performer. Voice for hire, and eater of pancakes, and probably excellent podcast guest.

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