Picture by the author and his unfulfilled consumer tears.

There’s this cool shop in Austin on the south side of town in the same area as a comic book store, clothing resale shop, and just behind the diner that serves cinnamon roll pancakes. It’s called Aaron’s Rock & Roll and it’s like Spencer’s Gifts had a baby with a Hot Topic then left it with of its babysitters of punk rock scene kids, movie buffs, and kitschy toy collectors while making the bacon as a bouncer and comic book artist respectively.

Legend has it, their original location was on the infamous 6th Street where drunken college kids could venture…

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Rob and I waited for Brian for like two hours. He said he had to something to do with both milk and a toilet, and I guess it took him a little more time than he thought to figure it out. Since I hadn’t seen him in almost two years, and almost forgot that with a spirit as free as Brian’s, time is but dust in the wind… dude.

Luckily, I got to wait for him inside the relaxation suite we lovingly call “Rob’s House.” That guy knows comfort, cookies, and smoking, as he often using meat to express…

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We have to keep the rules and revelations we set for ourselves on a wall, because we’ll completely forget to live by them otherwise.

One month ago, I swear I developed the cure to the depression I was wading through at the time. Struggling to make a decision or say a thing, I remembered something very important… something that I’ve consistently forgotten going all the way back to a math video game on the Commodore 64 giving me an ugly face for every wrong answer.

My father has one of those “small town boy” success stories…

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Thanks to hard work, good coaching, and the power of basketball, he was able to leave rural Mississippi for Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He was the first in his family to go to college, so there was likely a great deal riding on him, with little in the way of maps through the uncharted territory he would face after leaving home.

There is one particular story he told me years ago that I wrote off as a joke after he finished it. It sounded so absurd at the time that it took another 20 years and a retelling…

When was the last time you went out to watch a movie with your parents?

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According to all these blockbuster trailers from franchises like Marvel and Fast and the Furious, movie theaters are on finally back. Disney will continue keeping 70% of our mind share and 80% of our funds as we march toward a capitalist nightmare state of theme parks and movie sequels. Either way, I am still excited to go out and see some movies!

The last one I saw inside was Bad Boys for Life. I want to tell you it was stupid and I hated it, but it was stupid and I loved it. It was 100% the kind of movie…

Not only should we let transgender girls play, but we should create opportunities for everyone to play together

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Sudden California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner recently came under fire for opposing trans girls competing in school sports. As she is a trans woman and former olympic gold medalist, many were shocked by this stance. Unfortunately, if being something was the same as protecting something, the US would be a vastly different country. I also don’t think it’s strange position for a wealthy, politically conservative, 71-year-old personality to take on what has quickly become a politically conservative viewpoint this year. That’s right. Trans people throwing balls around is political.

While I am not transgender, I still believe trans girls should…

Sometimes the only way to say what’s on your mind… is through rhyme

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A Haiku… About Packing

Is all of this mine?
Can’t believe I have so much
Oh lawd this won’t fit

A Sonnet… About Packing

Though the days run long my things collect
A chariot of air awaits loads light
Can my entire past be of single effect
Or shall musty clothes remain for lover’s delight
O’ the pressures of impossible choice
So much manly beauty in fits soon forgotten
How I jest with fake hair to deliver such moist
As hits bang from Boyz to sway Lord Akhenaten
Life grows ever heavy as places are taken
Drip sweat upon brows too high for work
My countenance breaks amid new Empire
Though I know not how it still makes asses…

There’s a lot more to like watching it as a grown up

Computer baby from Matrix Revolutions

One of the best parts about the great Cambodia Lockdown of 2021 is revisiting older movies you haven’t seen in a while. We finally got to rewatch The Matrix Revolutions which came out in 2003, four years after the original and only 6 months after the middle film The Matrix Reloaded. While it’s easy to revisit the Matrix every few years, I don’t think I’ve ever made time to watch the final two films of the series. I could only remember how much people utterly hated these films.

For me, the popular feeling about a movie franchise can affect the…

Can’t we all get along? Captain America certainly thinks so

Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

I was the type of kid who believed everybody could get along.

I could never understand why other kids resorted to fighting all of the time. Once, I spent a childhood summer in Mississippi with my cousins. When my parents finally came to bring me back home, I begged them to answer the question of, “Why are they always fighting?” Life with my cousins was always a series of smacks, screams punches, and even kicks with cowboy boots. I was lucky to be exempt from most of it, but never understood the point of any of it. …

My politics just aren’t built for this

My Heroes — From Geeks in Action

So Falcon and the Winter Soldier just dropped it’s series finale! All in all, I think it was quite the enjoyable politically violent experiment! It was also a bit weird and unbelievably divisive as different takes fill up the internet. That is actually the best part.

I feel like I have all these things to say about it, so rather than waiting for them to coalesce in my mind, here is bucket of extra crispy thoughts about the show and it’s characters.

1. On the Flag Smashers

  1. The Flag Smashers are right.
  2. Even thought she got way to comfortable killing people, Karli Morgenthau was she…

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